How-to support small business
April 4, 2022

It seems like the past 2 years of the panorama is the year many businesses were born and personally, I AM HERE FOR IT! I started two businesses (Chérie Creative Inc. and The Blushing Diary) myself. I LOVE seeing people creating something out of their passions! It is hard work, but definitely a very rewarding journey.

Entrepreneurship is definitely not easy and can be a lonely journey for some..myself included, so I thought I would make a post on HOW you can support your friends’ biz! (With and without spending money).

Keep on reading 🙂


1. Follow, like and comment

Engage with us! It really makes our day when the content we put in so much work gets the attention it deserves!

2. Share or repost our content

It literally takes 10 seconds 🙂 (Okay maybe less, but who’s counting?)

It will make your friend’s day and might help broaden their exposure!

3. Refer us to your friends

To be honest, starting out is extremely tough to grow clientele, why not help out your friend and share the news with others? Word-of-mouth is powerful and can help out in BIG ways

4. Pay FULL price

This is self-explanatory, but as a friend, you should be respecting all the work that goes into your friend’s business, which includes respecting their pricing!

5. Sign up for our email list

Why wouldn’t you wanna be the first to know any news about your friend’s biz???? Business owners love it when you sign up for their email list, plus you get to know our juiciest secrets before the general public- it’s a WIN-WIN situation!

6. Give us a shout out

This helps us grow and widen our exposure, it really means a lot to us! Who doesn’t like to be shown off after working our butts off?

7. Buy a gift card for later

Many businesses are being forced to close right now/recovering from lockdown/pandemic/government restrictions, so why not shop local if you can? This is a great gift idea as opposed to buying something from a big-box retailer that your recipient would probably only use once and toss it away in the corner. It’s a win-win situation, you’re supporting someone’s dream by shopping small and local AND you get something in return!

8. Check in with us

Entrepreneurship and having your own business is not an easy journey. It can be mentally taxing, draining and lonely. Check-in with your small biz friends from time to time to see how they’re doing!

9. Don’t ask for discounts

Don’t do it, it’s just outright disrespectful and rude. Trust me.

Have more ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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8 Ways to Support Your Friend’s Small Business

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